Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Razorback Mountain Bike Park Closing

According to http://www.goneriding.com/ Razorback MTB Park in Reddick, FL is closing after seven years of trail riding and mountain bike racing. The last day will be Sunday, 11-04-07 . The owners of the property have decided to pursue other interests with the property and although a good relationship has been maintained with the owners and they have been very complimentary to the management of the park, the decision is none the less final.

This coming weekend the park hours will be like normal but on the last weekend we will open the park on Thursday 11-1-07, Friday 11-2-07, Saturday 11-3-07 & Sunday 11-4-07 from 9am to dusk and camping and night riding will be allowed all four of those days. An informal farewell party is planned on Saturday night (all are invited) 11-03-07 at the park (more info to follow). Again the last day to ride Razorback will be 11-04-08 a Sunday.

This also means that the scheduled final round of the Florida State Championship which was scheduled for Razorback will now be moved to the Santos Trails with the date remaining the same 12-09-07. The Santos location will be the best choice for the final event even though the seventh round is also at the same location.

The popular 12 Hours of Razorback (scheduled for 2-16-08 ) will be moving to a course in the area and information will be released ASAP. Also the first round of the SERC series will now be held in Gainesville at Haile’s Trails on 3-16-08 .

Please help pass the word as it is such short notice for everyone!

compliments of http://www.goneriding.com/ and the Gainesville Cycling Club, http://www.gccfla.org/.


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