Sunday, April 20, 2008


Petitioners have filed a Motion for Reconsideration with the 1st District Court of Appeal asking them to reconsider their decision not to make FDOT (Florida Department of Transportation) install bike lanes on State Route A1A where there is sufficient state owned right-of-way to do so. This “reconsideration” is based upon the principle that the court ruled against the petitioners on that issue without allowing them the opportunity to present their brief and argue the issue. This issue was not introduced in the Informal Hearing by FDOT or petitioners and therefore, not thought to be part of the oral argument.

This continued battle requires funding, especially in the light that most of the work done to date has been pro bono. FBA needs your donations earmarked for this campaign. The statewide implications of victory or defeat are huge. Donations can be made my mail to FBA, PO Box 718, Waldo FL 32694, or by visiting our website at Click on "Join Now" and designate Appeal Campaign in the "comments" section.

Thank you for your support.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

You Bike to Work? Oh, You Poor Thing!

The folks at Streetsblog have posted a video of a recent State Farm Insurance commercial in which some poor guy must resort to (gasp!) biking to work due to the high cost of gasoline. They dressed him up as a cycling fashion tragedy to help make the point.

If you're a State Farm customer like me, you might want to contact your agent and express your displeasure. (Of course it's not your agent's fault, but the corporate website had no way to send an e-mail to the PR or executive folks.)

UPDATE: Here's the comments page for the State Farm website.

UPDATE 2: In the comments section Kelt wrote: "I will not ever be a SF customer if that demonstrates their attitude." Now I'm not suggesting you should either become or remain a State Farm customer, but think about this: every problem holds the seed of its solution. Every corporation wants to be associated with good things. I asked them to contact the League and try to develop some Share the Road-themed commercials. They're buying ad time anyway, and they'd much rather run ads that make their existing and potential customers proud to be associated with them.