Thursday, August 30, 2007

Small Change for Bigger Change

Via Team Armada:

"[T]oday I came across something that I consider a great idea. While reading this week's RoadBikeRider newsletter, I came across a tip submitted by roadie Michelle C. of Griffin, Georgia. "An 'investment' in goodwill and safety for roadies."

"In the constant struggle to make peace with auto drivers, I stumbled onto a clever idea while on a Saturday morning ride.

We made a store stop to refuel. I found myself at the checkout standing next to a boy about 7 and what appeared to be his grandfather. I spoke to the youngster, who was gawking at my kit and shoes with wide-eyed amazement.

My chocolate milk and water cost $2.70. I gave the cashier $3. I hate change on the bike because it rattles and annoys me, so I smiled at the young man and handed him the 30 cents and told him to put it in his pocket. You would have thought I gave him a hundred dollars.

But perhaps more importantly, his grandfather was genuinely impressed with such a simple act of kindness.

Perhaps for 30 cents I purchased one driver who next time he encounters a cyclist will slow down and move over because it might be that nice person who made his grandson smile. And in a few years maybe that little boy will ask for a bike like mine and take to the road."

Again, this is a great idea, and something to consider next time you are given the opportunity to help all cyclists by doing something as simple as giving some loose change to a kid.

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