Friday, August 24, 2007

Parramore Kidz Zone Ride

FBA worked with Get Active Orlando (the City of Orlando's active living advisory committee) and Parramore Kidz Zone, a non-profit providing recreational and cultural opportunities for kids in the historic, low-income, African-American community of Parramore on the near west-side of Orlando, to put on the first Pedaling 4 Pride Ride on July 28. The Bobbies and Orlando Police Department were important volunteers.

About 100 kids (and some adults as well) turned out for the short ride around the neighborhood. We don't recall ever seeing such a happy and appreciative bunch of kids.

Like many low-income neighborhoods of late, Parramore is struggling with a significant uptick in crime. Many of the kids reported it was the first time they had felt safe traveling around in their neighborhood for quite some time (if ever).

Another ride is tentatively scheduled for January, and serious discussions are on-going about helping the community start an Earn-a-Bike program and/or a Major Taylor club.

This is how we build a positive cycling culture!

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